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Deborah Borak, CDS, CMM, SMMC, Vice President/Team Director at ConferenceDirect, taught about meeting and event contracts and negotiations.

Deborah Borak, CDS, CMM, SMMC, Vice President/Team Director at ConferenceDirect, taught about meeting and event contracts and negotiations.




Civica is an approved provider of Certified Association Executive credential credits*.

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Planning Smarter: Tips & Tricks To More Engaged Members, Higher Revenue and a Better Bottom Line

This session will offer attendees one CAE credit upon completion

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Kelly Kucera, President, Root Productions LLC

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

8:00-9:30 AM *Breakfast will be provided

2851 South Parker Road

Tower 1, Lower Level Conference Room

Aurora, CO 80014

Program Description:
Join us on Wednesday, January 23 for some sweet eats and sweet steps to improving your conference and meetings. Whether you are an executive director looking to improve member participation and increase profit, a conference planner wanting to shake-up a tired event, or association staff wanting to improve the planning process, you'll leave this program with some great ideas! 

Does this sound familiar?  You and your staff are planning your next conference. Your budget has remained the same, yet your food & beverage, transportation and ancillary conference costs are increasing by the day.  How can you control costs that keep rising while working with the same budgetary constraints year over year? How can you create a better event without spending more money to do so? 

There are some ways you can derive revenue from your event by improving attendee experiences and using communication tools in a smarter way.  Creative sponsorship engagement and stealthy production tricks can be your ticket to weaving an amazing event while keeping costs at bay.  

It's never too late to learn some new tricks with Experiential Event guru, Kelly Kucera, Owner of Root Productions.  

$5.00 to cover cost of food and drink

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*A CAE Approved Provider is an organization that has formally registered with the CAE program and committed to providing education that meets the CAE Commission’s standards for helping individuals earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. CAE Approved Providers have received guidance on such standards and pledged to properly represent course eligibility for CAE credit.

When selecting a CAE-eligible course from a CAE Approved Provider, CAEs and CAE candidates can be confident that the course will be recognized for CAE credit as advertised. The CAE program encourages candidates and CAEs to consider qualifying courses from CAE Approved Providers to meet the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the CAE credential.